Rachel studeert af!

Rachel Ntobeng groeide op in een township, 200 kilometer ten noordoosten van Johannesburg (ZA). Haar leven veranderde drastisch toen zij zich aansloot bij het Ndlovu Youth Choir en deelnam aan het TJOMMIE Kinderprogramma. Ze werd lead zangeres en startte een opleiding als verpleegster. Twee weken terug studeerde de trotse Rachel af aan het Mphilo Royal College. Zij gaat een glansrijke toekomst tegemoet!

En dit is wat zij hierover zegt:

Have you enjoyed your studies? You graduated from your first study course very successfully! Congratulations!

“I enjoyed the course very very much. I have always wanted to become a nurse. Starting next year, I will be an enrolled nurse. In the 6 months in-between, I will be studying computer literacy. Once I am done with the two years of required enrolled nursing, I will be a registered nurse and after that I would really like to study to become a midwife. And work over-seas at some time. Regarding the exams – I promised to give my sponsor, the Rotary Club of Oosterhout, the best results ever and I did…. I am very proud!”

You were asked to sing at the graduation ceremony… Did you?

"Unfortunately I had a terrible bout of flu, but I sang anyway – it was very emotional for me.”

What is it like to study at the Mphilo Royal College? Your principal regards you as an excellent student and foresees a bright future for you!

“It is very exciting to live in Johannesburg and the facility is great! I share a dormitory with five other girls, who are all from the vicinity. We became good friends and they knew their way around. I adapted very quickly. It was also quite a challenge to study at times to get the academic results that I was striving for, because it was really rowdy in the dorm!”

How has your life changed since joining the Ndlovu Youth Choir? Who inspires you the most in the choir?

“My life has changed from being bored and not having goals to having something wonderful to look forward to. Ralf inspires me. When I started as a chorister, people said I was going to neglect my school work, but Ralf told me to stay focused and that I would do even better if I kept focusing on what I wanted. He also taught me that there are many more aspects to music than mere singing. He opened a new world of music to me. I learnt a lot from him!”

Rachel, you seem very focused for some-one who has had so many set–backs in life. Who inspires you?

“My grandmother is the driving force in my life. She is my inspiration and support. One of my dreams is to be able to afford to build her a new house. She has given her life to look after me and my siblings and has taught me never to give up. My granny is also very proud that I am studying and encourages and supports me all the time. I love going home to her.”

Have you thought to sing for entertainment for extra pocket money? You have performed with biggies such as Claire Johnston, who was very impressed with your capabilities.

“I would really love to do that and also really need the extra money.”

Have you a message for the young people who grew up with you at Elandsdoorn?

“Yes, I do. Study hard and wise. Don’t give up because of your background, it is not an option or an answer. Education is the answer, but you need to stay focused. Do not get involved with drugs or fall pregnant. With education doors will open for you.”

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