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In South Africa millions of children live in townships with a lost youth and a hopeless future. Violence, abuse, malnutrition and crime are problems they are facing on a daily base. Our local NGO partner organization Ndlovu Care Group has developed an approach that addresses the problems at the root. Tjommie supports their child aid projects that help children improve their health and living conditions and gives them a chance to develop into healthy, responsible and employable South African people.

Tjommie; friend for children

Tjommie means 'friend'. For Ndlovu Care Group, the Tjommie Foundation is the fundraising organization in the Netherlands that focuses primarily on the child's social, economic and educational perspective. Children who grow up in townships are confronted with violence, abuse, drug problems, unemployment and youth pregnancies. A friend who offers help is therefore vital. Without support they cannot escape the poverty trap. The projects that Tjommie supports helps children to prevent them from descending and get them back on track. We support them on an integral and long-term base. By improving access to basic life needs, such as clean drinking water, nutritious food and safe housing, but also by offering education, sports and cultural activities. By doing so children can learn to deal with their traumas, experience a sense of belonging and develop their talents. In this way we can really make a difference between a life in despair and a life with possibilities, and give these children a chance for a better future.

Partner organization Ndlovu Care Group

Tjommie supports the child aid projects of the South African NGO Ndlovu Care Group. This organization has been working in the rural province of Limpopo, 200 kilometres northeast of Johannesburg, since 1994. About 140,000 people in different townships live in this area in poor conditions with inadequate education and health infrastructure. With a small work organization we maintain close ties with our local partner organization.

More information

Tjommie creates opportunities for vulnerable children who grow up in South African townships. Tjommie is a small charity foundation, founded in 1999 in The Netherlands. For more information about the projects and our partner organization contact our program-manager Maartje Smits via maartje.smits@tjommie.nl or via +31 (0)6 43 91 97 94.




Visit Ndlovu Care Group | Child Care | for more information on the child aid projects.

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